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Information for English players

Hello! Thank you for playing at our server. Please read rules bellow.

Server rules translation for EN speaking players.

USE YOUR BRAIN! We have a lot of rules here, but that doesn‘t mean everything which is not forbidden is allowed. All attempts at abuse or evasion of the rules, exploitation of bugs, unfair, crooked or vulgar behaviour and griefing will be severely punished pursuant to this rule.

If you encounter any violation of the rules, cannot reach a reasonable agreement with someone or are unsure of something, always contact the moderators. They are here to ensure that the rules are obeyed and to help players. Do not bother them with petty things and teleport requests. In all cases, clearly describe the problem, do not spam the chat. The best means to do that is to use the /modreq command along with describing the problem in the chat. Someone will resolve the issue even if there is no moderator online at the time or you have to leave. A list of requests and their status can be found here (in Czech or Slovak). More on this at CJDZ (in Czech).

The punishment for a breach of the rules is usually jail, in which you have to wait logged in for a respective amount of time, or to do a specific task (such as mining and smelting a large chest of stone). An anti-AFK system is in use. Therefore, it is not possible to leave the game running overnight, you have to do something. Do not damage the facilities of the prison, do not try to escape (the punishment for crossing the red line is death) and do not touch the fence (high voltage). These actions can cause an increase of the sentence. It is permitted to mine cobblestone (from the press-button generator), trees and snow. Attempts at cheating during the execution of the punishment will be severely punished (you alone have to work off your crime). A permanent ban from playing on the server is the maximum punishment.

All punishments, sentence lengths and moderators responsible for imprisonment are listed on the banlist.

General rules: 1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. 2. Do not lie. 3. Do not steal. 4. Talk decently; no one is interested in your swearing. 5. We do not tolerate racism, Nazism, Communism and any discussions about ideologies, since they give rise to flame wars. The same applies to the symbols of these movements, especially to hooked crosses and Swastikas (they appear regularly on the server and they always cause a fierce argument). 6. No spamming, no flooding – applies to in-game chat, IRC, forum and Mumble. Always use appropriate channels. If you are, for instance, building a house with a friend, communicate in a private conversation or in a local chat. 7. If you have not been invited to a building which is not labelled as public, do not enter. The owner has the right to kill you (after a warning) if you do not exit his ground immediately. However, he does not have the right to rob you. 8. In order to be distinguishable from other players, it is advised to change your skin from the default. 9. Players are obliged to behave in a manner that does not increase the load of the server. 10. Your actions in the game, on the forum and on IRC must conform to the law of the Czech Republic!

Rules for building: 1. Without the consent of the owner (or of a competent moderator), do not mess with any structures that you have not built. If you have no other option (you’re trapped inside etc.), your obligation is to restore the building to its original condition. 2. Building grounds in cities and villages are assigned by the city mayor or administrator. The mayor’s name should be displayed on an information board located usually at the town square. 3. If you are in search of a piece of land to build on, you can start building in the wilderness, at least 150 blocks from the closest other project (the best thing to do is to have a talk with your neighbours, if there are any). The other option is to ask for a lot in a village. All authorized villages have their own thread on the forum (section “authorized projects”). The ideal procedure is to choose the village you want to live in from the selection on the forum and then contact the mayor via the forum or in game. Here is a list of authorized projects. 4. If you intend to build a larger project (everything larger than your personal residence) such as a village or a mob trap, you need to have it authorized on the forum. This prevents arguments, helps maintain order and increases the aesthetic standards of buildings on the server. The request ought to include the location and detailed description of the project. Ideally, it should also contain some pictures. You have to wait for some time until the request is moved to the section of authorized projects. If it seems to you that nothing happens, draw the attention of moderators. 5. The rules in individual cities and villages can be modified by their founders and mayors. However, they should not be in conflict with these rules. In case of a change in the rules of the village, the residents should be informed about them by the means of the already mentioned information table. 6. Water acts a bit strange in Minecraft. Therefore, create your own unlimited water source. Do not take water from the middle of a lake etc. Also, avoid constructing flat boards on the water level. If you intend to build on the water level, create an island with natural-looking shores. 7. It is forbidden to build in areas designated as parks, gardens etc. 8. Do not build 1×1 towers and other similar unsightly and unnatural auxiliary constructions in the landscape. Especially cobblestone does not belong in the nature. Always clean up the mess after yourself. Spilling lava and water in open nature is forbidden. 9. Always try to build fine-looking buildings, not boxes made of only one material. Demolitions of inappropriately looking edifices are a common thing. If you are building in a city, it is better to discuss the design of your construction with the mayor and your neighbours. 10. It is forbidden to plunder NPC villages, strongholds and other generated structures (except shafts). Leave them or remove them completely. If you intend to build a settlement on the basis of a generated structure, have it authorized on the forum like any other project. 11. In order to make communication easier, all constructions should be clearly labelled with the name of their builder.

Mining 1. Sand is mined in the Sand Pit. Mining anywhere else than there will be punished! If the Sand Pit is empty, contact the moderators. 2. When mining wood, always chop down the whole trunk of the tree. The leaves will disappear over time. Do not leave bare trunks without leaves. 3. Avoid digging 1×1 holes straight down, it is unwise and dangerous. If you really need to do this, it is your duty to label it clearly (sign, fence etc.) and prevent people from falling there. 4. More on mines at CJDZ (in Czech). Nether 1. The Nether is freely accessible. The rules of the Overworld hold true there. 2. In order to build your own Nether Portal, you have to construct a Nether Gate both in the Overworld and in the Nether. The coordinates of the gate in the Nether must have the values of those in the Overworld divided by eight. Since height is the same in both the Nether and the Overworld, this calculation applies only to coordinates X and Z. If you have any questions on this, feel free to ask for advice. 3. The portals are not private and since it is not possible to guarantee their safeness, there always has to be a safe way out from the portal for lost wanderers. 4. Monster spawners that are not are not fully located on your ground ought to be made accessible for everyone, do not usurp them. This applies especially to Blaze spawners, since they are very rare. If you intend to build a Blaze trap, make it approachable for the public.

Other rules 1. You can lock chests via the LWC plugin (more on plugins and their settings at CJDZ). If someone steals from a chest that has not been locked, it may not be possible to make amends. Still, stealing from an unlocked chest is prohibited and will be punished. It is possible to label a chest as public (in case of a gathering for a project etc.). However, these chests are also not meant to be stolen from. 2. You alone are responsible for your account, do not lend it to anyone else – if another person breaks the rules using your account, it will be you who will bear the consequences. 3. PvP (killing other players) is prohibited. It is allowed only after a bilateral agreement or as a part of an event. 4. Unique rules for various events or temporary rules set by moderators come before these general rules. 5. Administrators and moderators are always right. Some of them are more right than others. Treat them with appropriate respect. 6. Playing here is a privilege, not a right. Please behave accordingly. 7. The punishment for the use of speedhacks, flyhacks, x-ray modes, transparent textures and other cheats as well as not reporting or abusing bugs is an instant permanent ban. Smart moving and other similar add-ons that bypass the mechanics of the game are considered cheating as well. Minimaps and modifications that regularly simulate the actions of the player cannot be controlled and are not forbidden. Use your common sense. 8. Do not complain about lags, restarts, server crashes. The administrators are trying to minimize them and prevent rollbacks. Keep in mind that Minecraft is still under development, which often causes problems. Your complaints won’t help solve the situation. 9. It is advised to register on the forum and to keep track of what is posted there. Most of the communication is carried out there or on IRC.

Translation: Pompeius

How I get to the Server Whitelist?

Please go to the IRC(efnet)#Majncraft and login and filling this: „Hello, I am ………………….. and I would like to join your server. I have read rules and I fully understand them and I will obey them. Sincerely …………………“ (Insert you full GAME nick)

Enjoy playing at Majncraft.cz server!

All of this published TooSexyForCS at Majncraft.cz forum.

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